Discipline Policy



The environment at B’s Preschool is designed to offer a comforting place to play, work, and learn.  We have various spaces to fulfill many different needs of the children.  If there is a conflict between children, they will be guided to resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner that meets the needs of all of the children involved.

If a child needs a break, they may take time to look at books or just sit on the red couch until they are ready to re-join the group.  A child may be re-directed to playing in a different area or with different toys.  Time-outs will not be used unless a child is hitting, biting, or kicking.

If you have a concern about a behavior of your child, please email me or talk to me when your child is not listening. We can work together to be consistent and eliminate undesired behavior.




At preschool we encourage communication between the children.  If someone gets hurt, we care about them, we ask if they are okay, and we ask what they need to feel better (boo boo pack or hug or apology).

We are learning to be polite and use our manners during snacks and lunch.  We say “please may I have…” and “thank you” and “may I please be excused”.

We are learning to use our strong voices (instead of whining).  We are learning to share and take turns.  We are learning to help and cooperate with each other.




Our three intentions (rules) at preschool:

  • Be Kind
  • Be Safe
  • Be a Helper

I strongly encourage our preschool families to be consistent at home with allowing your children to let their inner light shine by holding them accountable for their words and actions.

Thoughts and feelings are acknowledged and supported at preschool; we just need to be safe and kind when expressing them.